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Instasave – How to Save Instagram Photos Using Instasave,Instasave APK

Instasave – How to Save Instagram Photos Easily on Android : Instagram is one of the top 10 Everyday used apps.Instagram is an Application where you can upload your Photos/Pictures/Images and use hastags to define your mood with a check-in.But what if you want to download Instagram photos ? Instagram doesn’t lets you download photos from their website or Application.In that scenario you can use Instasave to Download Photos from Instagram.
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Instasave  –  Instasave is an app which lets you save Instagram Photos on your Android Device in one click,Below is the complete tutorial on how to Save Instagram Photos on your device using Instasave.Note : This works only on Android Devices,If you want to download Instagram photos on PC/Laptop/Tablet/iPhone/iPad then see the below linked tutorial.


  • First of All,Download Instasave APK from our Website and Install in on your Android Device [ Click here to download Instasave APK ] or search for Instasave in Google Play Store
  • Once you’ve downloaded the Instasave APP,Go to Instagram APP and select the picture you want to download.
  • I’m on the Instagram “Home page” and there are trending/popular instagram pictures.I’m going to select Christiano Ronaldo’s Picture


  • Once You have selected the Picture,Click the three dotted thing beside “Follow” button as shown in the arrow and click on “COPY SHARE URL“.The URL will be copied to your clipboard,
  • Now Open Instasave Application and double click on the Line as shown by the arrow and you’ll see the paste button.Image URL will be pasted there and click save it like shown in the highlighted box.


  • Once you Click Save it,You will be taken the next page,Click on the Download Button like shown in the image below indicated by an arrow.



If you don’t have Instagram APP,Try this method.

  • Go to your Mobile Browser like Chrome/UC Browser and Google Search for the Instagram account you’re looking for or manually enter the Address of the account if you know like [http://www.instagram.com/LionelMessi]
  • Click on the Picture you want to Download
  • Once you have selected the image,Copy the URL of that picture like shown in the image below.
  • Now Paste the Copied URL in Instasave and click the Download Button to Save the image in your Mobile/Tablet
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